Makowski Lab just published new findings showing that metabolic reprogramming of macrophages can affect the inflammatory response in obesity. Link HERE

Makowski lab has recently published two manuscripts examining mechanisms underlying obesity’s link to breast cancer. Link HERE

Study in mice finds weight loss reduces progression of basal-like breast cancer.Link HERE

Vickie Bae-Jump and Liza Makowski report that obesity may be a modifiable risk factor for ovarian cancer. Link HERE

Makowski lab published manuscript in JBC on GLUT1-mediated metabolic reprogramming of macrophages and inflammation. Link HERE

Basal-like breast cancer study collaboration between UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health and the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center featured on the National Cancer Institute website. Link HERE

Makowski lab reports that obesity is found to be major risk factor in developing basal-like breast cancer. Link HERE

NCI Provocative Questions grants awarded to three at UNC Lineberger. Link HERE.

Mary Kay and AHA grants to fund Makowski’s research on obesity and cancer. Link HERE.

Research lead by Dr. Liza Makowski shows that eating processed junk foods regularly is the highest cause of tissue inflammation. Published in the online journal PLOS ONE (June 12, 2012) Link HERE.

Dr. Liza Makowski, Assistant Professor of Nutrition, was quoted in Carolina Parent in an article “Stop Shortchanging Your Health”

Press release for PLoS ONE paper (Sampey et al.) 6/25/2012

Dr. Makowski was heard on NPR WUNC All Things Considered (6/28/2012) and during Morning Edition (6/29/2012) for her work examining the role of junk food-induced alterations in metabolism and inflammation

Press release for PNAS manuscript on metabolism of non-Hodgkin lymphoma cells (Bhatt et al.) 7/6/2012

Sampey et al. PLoS One manuscript discussed in the ASPH Friday Letter July 06, 2012

DOD grant award was announced in the ASPH Friday Letter July 13,2012

Junk-Food Diets
Junk-food diets spur inflammation more than saturated fats alone

WCHL Cafeteria Diet
WCHL Cafeteria Diet -06.22.2011

WCHL Breast Cancer Study
WCHL Breast Cancer Study

The Daily Tar Heel Breast Cancer research
The Daily Tar Heel _ breast cancer research 09_27_2010

SPH Magazine p.26
School of Public Health Magazine p.26

Snack 07.2011

ASPH Friday Letter Cafeteria Diet
ASPH Friday Letter Cafeteria Diet – 17 June 2011

ASPH Friday Letter Breast Cancer
ASPH Friday Letter Breast Cancer – 24 September 2010

Makowski Lab Spotlight

Liza Makowski Faculty Introduction- UNC Student News, Interview by Yulia Koltun, MPH student

UNC team reports link between protein overexpression and head and neck cancer outcomes

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